Transfer Licenses to Independent Server

As the size and complexity of your Odoo Enterprise ERP grows, there emerge several reasons to relocate your ERP instance from to an independent server, self managed, or managed by a trusted partner.

Some of the reasons why you may be considering moving out of are:

  • Full shell access by SSH, so that the whole Linux system, including system logs an /etc/ configurations can be accessed.

  • Processing limitations (for ex. import/export processes longer than 900s timeout on .sh)

  • Cost – moving beyond the minimum configuration is comparatively more expensive.

  • Support – your Odoo partner, local hosting company or internal staff can provide better support for your needs.

  • Integration into your own GIT, and set up of CI/CD pipelines suitable for your own needs.

  • etc..

Transfer Process

If you have already moved your Odoo database and modules out of .sh, you will have to finally decouple your organisation's Odoo Enterprise license from the .sh PostgreSQL, and attach it to your newly installed independent database.

This is easily done by reading the PostgreSQL database ID on the new server from Settings → Technical → System Parameters → database.uuid

Please send this database.uuid to your Customer Success Manager at Odoo, who will then map on Odoo's Enterprise license-server your Enterprise license key with your new PostgreSQL server's new database.uuid.

Do you need help relocating your Odoo instance from .sh to a private server? Contact us at +4971179472394, or our contact form. Remember, the first hour of Odoo-consultation with us is always free!

Transfer Licenses to Independent Server
Nikola R. 15 September, 2021
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