Tracking system logs in Simplify-ERP's, Odoo-Shopify connector

The purpose of the log is to act as a red flag when there is some change, either good or bad.

Frequent monitoring of the logs will result in a faster response time to security incidents and higher effectiveness of security procedures. Log analysis also helps you defend against internal and external threats.

Tip: Frequently checking the logs can help you identify malicious attacks on the system and give you a better picture of the changes in your Odoo ERP system.
That's why we included the Logs tab in our connector!

Aside from the security logs, you can also check if a product has been made, if the taxes or shipping provider have been changed or if a new order has arrived from your Shopify store.

To check the Logs, you have to:
 1. Go to the Sales Channel,
 2. Then Settings
 3. Once you've opened it, you will see the Logs tab at the end of the horizontal bar.

Open it, and you will have a complete representation of the changes and updates of your Odoo ERP and the connection with your Shopify store.
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Tracking system logs in Simplify-ERP's, Odoo-Shopify connector
Nikola R. 15 September, 2021
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