The key features of CommerceCore™ customer relationship management

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Customer relationships are something that every company wants to optimize. As companies grow it becomes more challenging to maintain contact with a large number of customers. Thanks to the CommerceCore™  CRM, sales staff don't need to go from one desk to another just to stay up to date about specific customer cases. Instead, all of the sales information is neatly organized into the CRM Pipeline. 

The most essential aspect of the sales team's effectiveness is recognizing the steps of closing a sale and the activities necessary for each stage. When the process is clearly defined, the sales team will know what to do, to efficiently move customers through the pipeline until they win a deal. 

CRM Industry statistics:

  • CRM is the fastest growing software marketing (Source)

  • CRM can boost conversion rates by 300% (Source)

  • 32% of CRM users belong to the service industry, followed by IT at 13% and manufacturing companies also at 13% (Source)

The basics of CommerceCore™ Customer Relationship Management

CommerceCore™ CRM is the Customer Relationship Management module within the CommerceCore™ Merchant Operating System . The CRM module has an ergonomic interface that makes the system easy to use for any business with no previous experience in developing systems for customer relationship management.

It allows organizing contacts into different groups. A group is a set of contacts. They can be tagged by category (location, job title) or by their involvement in the pipeline (prospects waiting for a price proposal, prospects who bought).

The state of every contact in the CRM module is determined by its stage in the pipeline. The Sales Team Manager can easily determine where customers are and what they need.

Customers are the ones who carry out business. By knowing how to manage them, a company can have better earnings because it offers good customer service and satisfies their needs.

Contact management is the first step in making sure that customers are satisfied. It helps Sales team managers to identify which customers are being targeted at every moment so they can get results faster.

An efficient CRM system can help you to keep track of all the things that happen with every contact in your customer base. It will also help you improve it by giving suggestions about how to grow your business or increasing productivity.

The CommerceCore™ CRM module allows you to manage the complete customer leads and opportunities. It includes an overview of the ongoing processes, upcoming activities and also the previous month's performance. Also, track all the leads from different resources and convert them into opportunities.

The main features of the CRM module are :

  • Leads Promotion;

  • Analyze Lost Opportunity;

  • Lead Enrichment;

  • Easy Communication;

  • Automated Tasks and Sales Focus; 

  • Advanced dashboard

  • Meeting Scheduler.

Leads promotion 

The CommerceCore™ CRM module allows you to tag any contact in your database with any information that might be useful for your company. 

For example, when a contact is close to becoming a customer, you can tag them as such and add their stage in the pipeline. Every time you use a tag, it will be recorded in the history of that contact. That way you can see what conversations have happened and which actions have been taken as soon as possible. 

This means you can easily identify leads who are at risk or those who need more attention from your team members to advance faster in the pipeline.

Analyze Lost Opportunity

The CommerceCore™ CRM module will help you understand why your prospects are not buying. With the lost opportunity module, it is possible to record all of the communication with prospects that weren’t converted into customers, allowing managers to improve processes for converting leads into sales.

You can track each conversation that happened between your company and a prospect who then decided not to buy, and see the different reasons why they didn’t complete a purchase. This way you can find out what your team members did wrong and fix it, increasing sales in the future.  

Lead Enrichment feature

Lead enrichment options of the CommerceCore™ Merchant Operating System allows the user to search for customer information in other reliable sources. The leads can be enriched only with the emails available. This functionality will allow the user to obtain reliable contact information on potential customers. Furthermore, this would cut down the workload on the marketing as well as the promotions team of the company.

A lead can sometimes be incomplete or unverified, so not all the information about them is available. By using the CommerceCore™ CRM module, your sales team can correct all of that information and enrich each contact with updates on their activity in the pipeline.

This allows you to track clients’ future actions, prioritize them for increased attention by your sales team members, create accurate sales forecasts and ensure that you are selling to real leads.

Easy Communication feature

The CommerceCore™ CRM module allows you to contact your clients directly from the platform. With it your company can stay in touch with all of its customers, even if they have multiple addresses and communication channels.

The automatic organization into folders makes communication easier and faster since there is no need for a sales or marketing team member to search through a huge list of contacts. It also helps the user to organize the list of people they need to reply to, resulting in more effective work without spending too much time on small tasks.

Automated Tasks and Sales Focus 

The CommerceCore™ CRM module has a task scheduler that allows managers to automate repetitive actions or delegate sales tasks to sales representatives. 

For example, it could be used to send a proposal or an invoice at the end of every month, remind clients to pay an overdue invoice and track which actions were performed and by whom.

Advanced dashboard 

The Dashboard option in CommerceCore™ CRM module allows managers to aggregate data from several sources into one screen. It makes it easier for them to access information about the activities of the team members and clients, thus enabling better decision making when planning their next moves in business.

The Dashboard allows creating custom reports, in order to obtain data with which you can solve problems and optimize processes in the company.

Meeting Scheduler 

The CommerceCore™ CRM module has a Meeting Scheduler that allows users to create, edit and manage meeting requests. This feature can be used by sales teams to schedule meetings with clients or prospects.

Users are able to set up reminders, which will send notifications before the event begins. Also it automatically emails all participants of the meeting about any changes in time or location.


Customer Relationship Management is a process that helps managers gain an in-depth understanding of their clients, which results in better customer retention rates. By using the CommerceCore™ CRM module, your company can boost its sales efforts and develop new strategies for acquiring customers. 

It will help you create more accurate forecasts by gathering all the information about your prospects inside one dashboard, which will cut down the time required to make decisions when planning your next moves in business.

Running a successful business is no easy task. There are so many things to keep track of, and even more tasks you need to complete every day. With the help of an efficient CRM system like the CommerceCore™ CRM module, running your company can be much simpler than it seems on the surface. We offer one-on-one demos with consultants who will walk through everything you could ever want or need in order to get started quickly and easily today!

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The key features of CommerceCore™ customer relationship management
Nikola R. 26 October, 2021
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