Providing customer service from Odoo
Building a reliable customer experience has never been more critical.

Since the beginning of last year, under the influence of the global pandemic and the boom of e-commerce, customer service's importance is highlighted. 

This situation has taught the companies how vital is the profound understanding of their customers' needs and the value of the right system to support them under uncertain circumstances.

A 5% boost in customer retention is equivalent to a 25% to 95% rise in profits because it is more probable that returning customers will spend more on an already familiar brand.

With a high understanding of the significance of dependable customer support, we decided to use the Helpdesk module in Odoo with the connector's help, which can help your Shopify store customers have an impeccable experience.

The initial thing you have to do to ensure reliable customers support is to install the Helpdesk module in Odoo. 

Tip: You can choose to have the customers' email arrive at your email address and the Helpdesk in Odoo.
From here, you can set up teams, stages and eventually start receiving tickets from your customers in case they need any help. 

So how to set up Teams?

You can create or even modify your teams. To do so, you should: 
 1. Go in the Helpdesk module,
 2. Choose, Configuration
 3. And click on Helpdesk Teams.

If you choose to set up multiple teams, you will be able to group your tickets by your different channels.

The tickets that arrive at your Odoo system can be assigned manually, randomly or even balanced.
And how do you set up Stages?

Stages can be used by one or multiple teams. To set them up, you should:
 1. Go to the Helpdesk module,
 2. Then, Configuration
 3. And choose Stages. 

From here, you can create or edit stages as you wish.
Once you set up your Helpdesk module, the next thing will be to handle your Shopify tickets through Odoo.

To do this, you will have to add a mail server in Odoo where your Shopify tickets will arrive.
You can do this in a few steps:
 1. From your Odoo dashboard, go to Settings
 2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose to Activate The Developer Mode
 3. Go again in Settings 
 4. And this time, select Incoming Mail Servers
 5 . Choose to Create a Mail Server and fill in the information accordingly

The most crucial step here is the following:
 6. Under Actions to Perform on Incoming Mails -> Create a New Record, you should choose Helpdesk Teams from the list!

Once you have done that, the Helpdesk is finally set up.
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Providing customer service from Odoo
Nikola R. 15 September, 2021
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