Payment Status of Orders in CommerceCore™

The Payment Order Status can help you decide what actions need to be taken next in the processing of a transaction.

Should you proceed with the packaging and shipping, or does the payment need to be refunded?

Sometimes, orders can also expire due to the lack of action on behalf of the customer.

As a merchant, you need to be familiar with the possible variations of the order status so you can understand the behavior of your customers, and react immediately depending on the case. 

Depending on your business type and size, you might need to take different actions for each of these statuses.

Let's start by going to the CommerceCore™  Dashboard and click on the Sales module. 

To see the Payment Status of Orders, go to Orders  and from the drop menu choose Orders.

Order's payment status in CommerceCore™

An order's payment status can be one of three options: pending, paid, or canceled. 

The payment status of an order can be specified when the order is created, or it can be changed later on by the administrator. To set default payment status for new orders navigate from Sales Configuration menu and choose Settings.

A new window will open where under Quotations and Orders you can set different rules for online payment for the orders.

Administrators can also change the payment status of specific orders as needed.

The Sales module provides you a separate window for managing all the Sale orders generated. For viewing and managing this window, you can go to the Orders tab of the Sales module where you can view the Orders menu. 

Here you can see the Invoice status of an order.

If an invoice has been generated for the order, you can view its payment status in the "Invoices" menu. So let's get back to the CommerceCore™ dashboard and click on the Invoice module.

In this window, you can see al the Invoices that have been already created. In right upper corner you can see the payment status of the Sales orders.

The payment status of an order affects a number of different aspects of the order. For example, the payment status determines how an invoice is generated for the order, and it also affects which statuses are available for the order. The payment status may also affect other aspects of the order such as shipping or inventory.

The three possible payment statuses are:

Pending: This is the default payment status for new orders. Pending means that the order has not been paid yet, and no invoice has been generated. The order will remain in this state until it is either paid or canceled.

Paid: When an order is paid, its payment status changes to paid. This indicates that the invoice has been generated and that the money has been transferred to CommerceCore™. Paid orders can have one of two statuses: closed or open. Closed orders have been completed and no further action is required. Open orders are not yet complete, and may still require additional steps such as shipping or delivery.

Canceled: If an order is canceled, its payment status changes to canceled. This means that the invoice has been canceled and that no money has been transferred to CommerceCore™. Canceled orders do not have any associated invoices.

In CommerceCore™ payment statuses of orders and invoices are automatically synchronized, so changing one will change the other. If you manually change the payment status of an order or invoice, be sure to enter a note explaining why so that your accounting is accurate.

This knowledge is essential to grasping the entire sales process and making sure your business runs as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions, or want to learn more you can Schedule a Free Demo or Contact Us – we are always happy to help!

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Payment Status of Orders in CommerceCore™
Nikola R. 19 August, 2022
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