Modifying Orders in CommerceCore™

This article provides information about how to modify customer orders in CommerceCore™, a fully integrated ERP software. 

Sometimes customers may make mistakes in their orders and contact you to fix such errors, or they may simply change their minds and wish for modifications in their orders such as changing the quantity of a product or adding a new product. 

Modifying an order after it has been created is simple by using the CommerceCore™ Sales module.

An order can be modified in the following ways:

  1. Changing the quantities of a product.

  2. Adding a new product within the same order.

  3. Deleting a product from the order

  4. Changing prices

  5. Adding or taking out a delivery service

  6.  Modifying invoice address or delivery address

  7.  Payment terms

  8. Modifying terms and conditions

The purpose of this article is to explain two of these methods i.e., changing quantities and adding new products to the list.

 The following are the steps to modify the quantities of an order:

  • To begin, go to the CommerceCore™ dashboard and select the Sales module. The image below depicts the Dashboard with the Sales module. 

  • This will take you to the Quotations page of the sales module. The Quotations page displays essential details like Serial numbers, Customers, Company, and Status.

  • Select the particular Sales Order that you need to modify. 
    To change the quantity of the order, click on the Edit button and go to the Quantity column and enter the desired quantity of the product. (For example, changing the quantity from 1 to 2). Then save the change.

  • From the same Sales Order page, CommerceCore™ allows you to see the number of deliveries and once you open it, you can access additional details like Scheduled date, Deadline, and Product availability.

  • To view the delivery slip, click on the ‘Delivery’ option on the right corner of the sales order.

  • The delivery slip will now show the updated quantity of the product.

  • If the product is available in stock according to the updated quantities, click on 'Set the quantities' and proceed to 'Validate' the order. This will result in the order being shipped.

  • Should the customer wish to purchase more quantities of the same product, go back to the same sales order page and click Edit to modify the quantity needed once more. (The same step as done previously.)

  • After adding an additional quantity, the 'Delivery' button on the right will now show 2 deliveries instead of one. After clicking on it, it'll open the delivery slip which will display the newly added quantity of the same product.

  • While reviewing the Delivery, this new order (which is a part of the same sales order), will show the status as 'Ready'. Click on it to open the Delivery slip and once again check the availability of the product in relation to the required quantity. Then select Validate, which will result in shipping.

  • The last step is to create an invoice stating that the products have been delivered and the payment is pending. 

  • To do that, go back to the Sales order page and click on the 'Create invoice' button at the top left corner. It will take you to the Invoice draft which you can then open and select confirm thereafter.

The 'Invoices' are also accessible next to the 'Delivery' option on the right side of the order page.

The following section is about how to add a new product to an existing order:

Thus far we've covered how CommerceCore™ allows you to modify the quantities of the same product. Now we'll learn how to add a new product to an existing order. 

  • If the customer wants to add a new product, go back to the original Order page and click on Edit. 

  • Scroll down to find 'Add a product' at the bottom left corner, then enter the new product. To save the changes, click on the Save button.

  • This will result in a third delivery if we continue with the same example. When you go to the delivery option, the new delivery status will show up as 'ready' and the rest of the deliveries’ status will be ‘done.’ 

    Click on it and after ensuring that the order is in stock, proceed to Validate. 

  • After modifying the order (i.e. adding a new product in this case), we need to create a new invoice.

  •  You can check the number of invoices on the same page under the column 'Invoiced.'

  • Previously we created one invoice regarding the increased quantities of the same product. However, because the new product hasn't yet been invoiced, it will appear in blue with an invoice number of 0.

  • As a result, we must now create an invoice for the new product. To do that, repeat the step mentioned earlier.  That is, in the top left corner, click on Create an Invoice > Create and View Invoice.

  • The customer will now have two invoices, one for the previous product with modified quantities and one for the new product.
    The new invoice will appear in the same manner, as a draft, so open the draft and click on the confirm button.

  • This will result in two invoices being generated from the sole order. This is how you can modify orders in CommerceCore™.

The CommerceCore™ website module also lets the customer view all the changes concerning the order. To do just that, click on the Customer Preview option on the right, which the customer can also access, to check the order's entire history.

The customer preview page includes details regarding the order such as the Invoices along with the payment status, Delivery orders, and status of delivery that is, whether or not they have been shipped, products, and their quantities including their prices.

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Modifying Orders in CommerceCore™
Nikola R. 28 September, 2022
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