Importing Taxes from Shopify to Odoo
In the past years, e-commerce marked tremendous growth. 

The Internet has reached a tipping point and is now attracting millions of consumers and billions of dollars into the vast and expanding virtual shopping mall.
Especially in the past year affected by global pandemic, e-commerce noted a striking market growth rate of almost 19%.

More and more merchants are selling their goods and services online, and in a direct relation comes the question of taxation. 

Taxes can be tricky, especially if you are selling or purchasing worldwide.
There are many diverse sorts of taxes, and they range primarily depending on your business's location. The great advantage of Odoo is the use of various calculations to ensure accurate tax records.

To set up your taxation system, you will have to install the Accounting module and the taxes from a particular country where your business is registered.

If you would like to edit a tax or maybe create a new one:
 1. Firstly, go to the Accounting module,
 2. Click on Configuration 
 3. Taxes 
 4. and open a tax that you would like to edit or click on Create.

Next, to activate the Sale Taxes that you have installed, you should:
 1. Go to Accounting, 
 2. Then, Configuration 
 3. Taxes 
 4. And click the Activate button to activate or deactivate a tax.

Tip: In Odoo, you can deactivate the taxes that you don't want to use in the future, but you can't delete them if they have already been used.

If you have already set your taxes in Shopify, importing them to Odoo can significantly benefit you. With the connector's use, you can import the taxes in Odoo in a couple of steps.

Firstly, you have to:
 1. Open the Sales Channel,
 2. Choose Settings
 3. From here, you should click on the Tax tab
 4. And Import Taxes. 

In this way, the connector will import all of your Shopify taxes into Odoo.

Has your business outgrown the standard Shopify functionality and you are having to load up your shop with lots of Apps?
Then it's time to think of centralising your business operations in Odoo – everything from order processing, to customer support tickets, to invoicing, to payments and accounting and much more, and using Shopify as a sales frontend (Point of Sale).
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Importing Taxes from Shopify to Odoo
Nikola R. 15 September, 2021
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