Importing orders from Shopify to Odoo

Shopify stores create a considerable amount of data that you, as a merchant, have to process and organise. Entering this data will affect the company's operation, and it has to be done reasonably quickly. 

Orders need to be packaged, labels need to be printed, and retail orders need to be sent in time. Traditionally, businesses must dedicate much time to manual data entry. To avoid the time-consuming manual data entry, we use Odoo as an ERP system and the connector as a bridge between the Shopify store and Odoo.

Especially in the past few years, with the rise of e-commerce, online stores have become 24/7 operations. As a result, orders accumulate during non-working hours and may cause bottlenecks on the next working day.

Tip: The connector automatically processes all the orders from Shopify to Odoo to avoid the cause of a bottleneck. If you wish, you can also process them manually.

To process the orders, firstly, you need to:
 1. Go to the Sales Channels,
 2. From here, choose Settings
 3. Then the Orders Tab.
The only thing left to import your orders manually is to click Import Orders. As mentioned before, you can also schedule automatic orders importing at a specific time.

To see the imported orders, you have to:
  1. Go to the Sales module,
  2. Then Orders
  3. And Orders. 

You can select all of the orders and edit the sales team or the delivery date in the list view.

You can also check the order date, expected delivery date, taxes, invoice status, etcetera.

You can also open an order, edit it, create an invoice, send it by email, or check some of the provided information.
Has your business outgrown the standard Shopify functionality and you are having to load up your shop with lots of Apps?
Then it's time to think of centralising your business operations in Odoo – everything from order processing, to customer support tickets, to invoicing, to payments and accounting and much more, and using Shopify as a sales frontend (Point of Sale).
Would you like to check if your Shopify shop is compatible with Odoo?
Use our FREE Connection Test, to check compatibility, and pave way to centralised management of your multichannel e-commerce business.
Importing orders from Shopify to Odoo
Nikola R. 15 September, 2021
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