How to Synchronise stock between Odoo and Shopify

One of the biggest reasons for connecting an ERP with the Shopify store is inventory management. Tracking the inventory is the top priority for every merchant, and the end goal is real-time automation of all the stock, which results in saved time and additional resources.

Integrating your Odoo ERP system to your Shopify online store using our connector will allow you to synchronise the inventory status according to a predefined schedule or even with a manual save on every change. 

The first thing you'll have to do is:  
 1. Go to your Inventory module,   
 2. Next Products
 3. And again Products.

Tip: You can arrive at the same products as the Sales module as well.

You will notice two rows with the same products here; the first row is the master products, and the second is the cloned. Learn more about master and clone products in this blog post.

The connector creates these two rows, which enable easier management if you have multichannel sales. 

If you have only one sales channel at the moment, you can choose the products from the second row. From here, you can edit the product and its stock amount and click Export to Shopify for immediate results. 

You can edit the Units On Hand or get a report for the Forecasted Units.

Once the product is bought from the Shopify store, the stock amount will get automatically lower for the amount that has been purchased. 

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How to Synchronise stock between Odoo and Shopify
Nikola R. 15 September, 2021
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