How to Harness the Power of Ratings and Reviews on Your Website
New Page Rating Feature for Your Odoo Website
Websites and online stores rely on rating systems and interactive elements to not only establish trust, but also to attract visitors and customers.

Studies conducted in 2021 by the online service provider, Bright-Local, showed that more consumers are reading online reviews than ever before. In 2021, 77% 'always' or 'regularly' read them when browsing for local businesses (up from 60% in 2020).

Customers and website visitors frequently acquire important information from ratings and can read other users' experiences before investing in a product, service, or company. Because it is not possible to look at products in full detail online, these ratings and reviews fill in the information gaps.

Online buying is handy, practical, and quick, but there is still a barrier between the provider and the buyer. As a result, potential clients are frequently uncertain about the quality and benefits of online offers.

However, if a website includes ratings or a comment box, it can assist to bridge the gap between the provider and the customer. Direct interaction between yourself and your consumers can help to alleviate their uncertainty. Customers can then use the feedback to assist each other decide whether to purchase a product by offering information on its function, range, and value.

You also obtain important feedback from the ratings on your website: 

- Do the products meet the customer’s expectations? 
- Is the content appealing, and does it offer added value? 

Information like this is important so that you can continuously optimize your website and what you’re offering.

Transforming ratings into a force for improvement

The social evidence in reviews and star ratings allows buyers to shorten their research and make decisions more quickly and confidently than ever before. A good reputation is one of the most significant assets a company can have, and those 5-star ratings may persuade new clients to buy from you.

Star ratings

Star ratings give users or customers the opportunity to express their opinion about a product, service, or company in just one click. The five-star rating system has established itself as a standard when it comes to rating options. One star indicates a poor product, and five stars means it’s excellent.

New feature for instant  Star Rating of your Odoo Website

Adding Star rating is a tried and true method for increasing user engagement and conversion, and is often suggested by web professionals as a best practice for boosting a website. Publishing and monitoring customer experience will help you gain the trust of new customers and better engage with your community.

Simplify-ERP developed new feature for instant rating of your Odoo website. This module can can be used to rate content for webpages and blog pages.

How to use the new Page Rating feature on your Odoo Website


To use the Page Rating feature, navigate to your Odoo website. In this case I'll explain how you can use the Page Rating feature for your Odoo Blog site. First, click the Edit button and open the Edit mode.

The Edit mode will open the Website editor showing different customization Blocks.

In the block section, you can see the Page Rating customization block.


Next, drag and drop the Page Rating customization block from the website editor and put it on the blog website where you need it.


You can customize the Page Rating block by adding text.

When you're ready to save this implemented feature, click on the SAVE button.


To see how the new feature works, Click on the Stars from the implemented Blog Page Rating. 

The Star Rating goes from Very  Dissatisfied for one star, to Very Satisfied for five star review.

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How to Harness the Power of Ratings and Reviews on Your Website
Nikola R. 1 March, 2022
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