Forwarding a dropshipping order to a dropshipping partner
Dropshipping businesses require three fundamental data integrations between retailers and suppliers: products, inventory, and orders. 

There are several different invoices when it comes to dropshipping. In this article, we will explain those that the retailer sends to the supplier. 

The most successful dropshipping merchants have a substantial understanding of the invoicing process. The shipping process's final step ends when the money received from the customer who purchases the product enters the sales channel through the retailer who sells the product to the manufacturer or supplier of the product source.

Invoices are often a hurdle faced by Shopify merchants. That's why OdooERP, together with the connector, is of great aid to simplify this in another way challenging business operation.

Once you import your orders from the Shopify store, quotations are created in Odoo.
The next thing you will have to do is confirm the orders so the system can send an invoice to the supplier.

So, what you will have to do is: 
 1. Go to the Purchase Module,
 2. Choose Orders
 3. Requests for Quotation
 4. Choose a quotation 
 5. And, Confirm the order.
The now confirmed order is ready for the next step:
 1. Click on Receive Product,
 2. And select Validate.

The order has gone through the stages of Draft -> Waiting -> Ready -> Done.
 In the last stage, a receipt has been created.

Tip: You can print the Purchase order, Requests for Quotation, as well as the Receipt!
Has your business outgrown the standard Shopify functionality and you are having to load up your shop with lots of Apps? Then it's time to think of centralising your business in Odoo and using Shopify as a sales front end.
Forwarding a dropshipping order to a dropshipping partner
Nikola R. 15 September, 2021
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