Feature Update - Simplify-ERP™ - Whitelabeling for Dropshipping
White labeling allows companies to quickly enter a market or expand their product offerings without investing heavily in research, development, or production.

Efficient supply-chains increase delivery speed, decrease costs, and sometimes enable new business models.

White label - New feature on Odoo

Dropshipping has already for years enabled the delivery of components, materials and final finished products to customers. However we have learned from our customers that the exchange of paperwork, delivery notes, and invoices by email or FTP has been clumsy.

Simplify-ERP™ solves this problem with a new feature to "Whitelabel" invoices and delivery notes. So now Odoo user-companies that are dropshipping for their customers can whitelabel the accompanying documentation in their own ERP as a part of the delivery process.

We are happy to show you a demo of our Invoice Print Options module, of which whitelabeling is the newest feature.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Update all new features of Odoo here.

Feature Update  - Simplify-ERP™ - Whitelabeling for Dropshipping
Simplify-ERP™ – Software for a Circular Economy, Ashant Chalasani 26 January, 2024
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