Does CommerceCore™ work with Stripe?

CommerceCore™ is compatible with any Payment Processor, like Stripe et it obtains payment confirmations for individual orders directly from the online store (and other points of sales).

In the diagram above:

  1. Customer shops online ad buys a product.

  2. The Order is captured by the online store or other points of sale (such as the store cash-register).

  3. Payment is processed by Stripe. Upon successful processing, Stripe then sends back a payment confirmation to the web shop.

  4. The web shop transfers the payment confirmation, along with a transaction number and all the other order information necessary for shipping the order to CommerceCore™.

  5. Thereafter, CommerceCore™ takes over the complete order fulfilment process.

Although Stripe has been used in the above illustration as the payment-processor, the same payment handling process applies to other PSP such as PayPal, 2Checkout, WePay, Venmo, Adyen, Ingenico, Klarna, Square etc.. In essence CommerceCore™ receives it's payment confirmation (including amount and transaction Id) from the web-shop/point-of-sale (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce etc.). 

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Does CommerceCore™ work with Stripe?
Simplify-ERP™ – Software for a Circular Economy, Ashant Chalasani 6 August, 2022
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