Delivery Notes for Orders Pending Shipment

A delivery note is of utmost importance and should not be overlooked. The role of business documents in transactions is undeniable. It helps make the seller-consumer relationship more transparent, too.

For example, invoices are essential documents that shouldn't be overlooked. Being a business owner, you know how important it is. Once these invoices are presented to the state's primary collection agency, they're collected. And, employees play a key role in this regard. Particularly when CommerceCore™ is at your disposal you can make the process more convenient.

What is a delivery note?

The delivery note is a document that outlines the contents of the delivery, also called the dispatch note or good receipt. As part of the shipment, a note identifies the number of goods but does not provide any monetary information, such as the cost. To ensure delivery, a copy of the note is provided to the seller as proof of delivery.

The customers - use delivery notes to document inputs and to confirm that they received everything they ordered.

Both sellers and buyers can use delivery notes. When a delivery note is created directly from an invoice, it is an accurate checklist of what needs to be packed in the shipment. You will provide a more satisfactory experience to the customer by eliminating errors and missing items.

What's in a CommerceCore™ delivery note?

Whether you use CommerceCore™ delivery notes or create your delivery notes in Word, goods received notes should follow a structure. Communication between sender and recipient must be clear.

Therefore, the delivery note must include the following information:

       Name and contact info of the seller

       Customer's name and contact info

       Date of issue

       Date of delivery

       A description of the order's goods

       Each product's quantity in the shipment.

       There could also be a signature request on the delivery note.

Ensure that your communication materials reflect your brand. Design your invoice logo and delivery notes in the same way as your invoices.

This way, you are not only making your customers' lives easier, but you are also building your company's brand.

This is how a delivery note looks like in CommerceCore™



The delivery note creation is automated.

Status & Validation    

Status and validation options to keep track.


The delivery note provides full shipment info for the order


Filters available for sorting in the overview of delivery notes 

Now that we have covered the features, let’s learn how to set up the process of Delivery Notes.

How do you make a delivery note in CommerceCore™?

There are usually several items on the delivery note, including the date, the recipient's name and address, and the supplier's name and address. Extra elements can be added to a delivery note, such as a signature field or a pricing section. Many businesses include more information in their delivery notes than described above.

While it may seem like there is a lot to include in the delivery note, if you have already created the invoice, you will be able to complete the task much more quickly. 

The best thing about a delivery note is that the note is automatically created once a sales order with a product that requires delivery has been bought by the customer.


To find the delivery note for the specific sales order you can visit the inventory app. Head to the Inventory App and click on Delivery Orders.

From the overview select the Delivery Order that needs to be shipped or is scheduled.

Once the info is fed, the delivery note needs to be validated by the supervisor or the appropriate person. So, just click on the Validate button.  
(Note: The pic above shows the status as ready, it might differ according to the information provided).

Now, you are all set! You can Print out the delivery note 😊

Configuring your Shipping Details

We are all done setting up the Delivery Notes, but what about shipping?

It is equally important to set up the details about shipping such as the charges applicable and the connectors for delivery. You can do this by clicking on the Configure tab in the Inventory Overview dashboard and Shipping Methods.

Then selecting the shipping method according to your preference. 

(Note: Example the Free delivery charges option is available once the purchase price crosses a certain specified amount).

You can also set up connectors as your shipping options such as FedEx, UPS Connector, DHL Express connector, and so on. The shipping connectors also provide shipping costs for you to gain an estimate.

CommerceCore™ also lets you send confirmation about the Delivery Order being done, to your customers by Email or SMS.

All of these features can be activated in the Settings of the module Inventory.

Delivery Notes for Orders Pending Shipment
Nikola R. 16 September, 2022
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