Canceling Validated Invoices

It’s sometimes necessary to edit invoices after they have been validated. The cancel_invoices add-on enables such cancellations.

For the Accountant issuing invoices, it’s straightforward to cancel using the “Cancel Invoice” (or “Rechnung stornieren” in German). After that, the Invoice can be set in “Draft” mode and edited.

Accountant’s view of Invoice Cancellation

After changes have been made to the Invoice, it can be revalidated, before sending out by email to the customer, or printing.


For the cancellations to work, an Admin has to ensure that invoice-cancellation is activated on specific Accounting journals. This can be done in the odoo Debug mode as below.

Cancel Invoice, Journal Settings
Canceling Validated Invoices
Nikola R. 15 September, 2021
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