Shopware Imports into Odoo – Master & Clone Products

It is known that the Simplify™ Shopware-Odoo connector is able to import products one-time directly from Shopware into Odoo, as preparation for Multichannel E-Commerce.

This gives online merchants with existing Shopware shops the great advantage of being active with Odoo Multichannel E-Commerce with least effort of making product data available in Odoo, resulting in the fastest time-to-market. Product data is indeed essential for functions like creating SaleOrders and Invoices.

As is already know, Simplify’s Odoo Multichannel E-Commerce solution relies on a Master and Clone strategy for product management between Odoo’s native product.product model and individual online sales Channels.


The Simplify™ Shopware-Odoo connector saves products to the Shopware channel-clone.

This was problematic because, for products imported from an existing Shopware-shop, business processes were not integrated into the remaining Odoo ERP processes – particularly Warehouse, Inventory management and Purchase.

This problem has been solved in the Shopware 5.6 / Odoo v13 Connector. The imported Shopware products are saved as Master products in Odoo’s native product.product model.


Subsequently they are also saved into the Shopware channel clone.

Furthermore, these products can be used in other sales-channels, as if they originated in Odoo master data-set.


Shopware Imports into Odoo – Master & Clone Products
Nikola R. 15 September, 2021
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