Project Leader in Odoo ERP Projects

Together with the customer, a Project Leader is the main decision maker in an Odoo ERP project.

However, Project Leaders wear multiple hats - at the same time, they play the role of project manager, business analyst and product expert.

As the project manager they lead the project by:

  • defining the project plan and executing it

  • focusing on the main business objectives

  • onboarding the client SPoC (Single Point of Contact) on the project

  • using the right resources and anticipating risks

As the business analyst and product expert they keep things simple by:

  • deciding how to implement specific needs

  • challenging the customer’s demands and managing their expectations

  • configuring Odoo

  • migrating the required data

  • writing the specifications (where development is required)

The ERP Project Leader has to be considered as the key point of contact by the customer during their implementation.

Project Leader in Odoo ERP Projects
Nikola R. 15 September, 2021
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