Odoo with Allocloud – VoIP for CRM

We are happy to announce the deployment of Odoo CRM in combination with Allocloud VoIP cloud-telephony for a sales-office of 5 sales-reps, making about 1000 calls per week.

Receiving numbers are throughout Europe.

Grandstream Wave SIP client is used on Android and Apple mobile-phones. Calls can be initiated using a browser based Phone Companion SIP client as well.

Each calling sales-person has his own number. So when prospects call back, they are directly routed to the responsible sales-agent. Just the same, sales-agents are able to use these direct numbers on their email-signatures, and for those meeting prospects on the field, printed on visiting cards.

This makes Odoo CRM a very viable solution for sales-offices in the scale of 1-100 call agents.

Odoo with Allocloud – VoIP for CRM
Nikola R. 15 September, 2021
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