Odoo Version 16 Highlights
v16 is one of those "silent killer" releases. It delivers a massive impact for the long run to users and the ecosystem at large, without making any apparent immediate big-bangs.

I am sure you are as stoked as the release of version 16 as I am! I took a minute to summarise the highlights in this mail for you. 


We already deployed the newest version for our team, and the speed improvement is indeed noteworthy.

According to official Odoo metrics, there is a speed lift of 370%.

Following releases throughout the year will further optimise API choke points, and we can all expect a much faster Odoo.

Knowledge App

Though the new app is an unmistakable knockout of the Notion app, the possibility to utilise the native editor to publish pages for user-documentation, collaborative writing, and the connection to Odoo process documents is invaluable for daily users.

In future, we would welcome the integration of videos into documents.


While we haven't yet tested the efficacy of the Dashboards app, it's a promising feature for managers and regular users alike. The new Dashboards allow integration of data-visualisations from the Spreadsheets app. Technically, any Odoo data can be integrated into Dashboards.

There is a blooper for some users though. By definition, Dashboard are the kind of visualisations which stare at their users immediately upon logging in, or even before. It does take a few clicks to reach them in Odoo however.

Realtime Saves & No more "Edit"

Users no longer have to go into an "Edit mode" to edit their documents.
It's possible in v16 to simply start editing data.

"Save" buttons have been removed for the most part.
Data is saved in realtime into the database, and it's possible to "Undo" to a step back.

Check out the changes that have been effected to your favourite apps on this full change-log (acclaimed 486 improvements). 


This is my favourite part – pricing has been simplified, and indeed reduced.
Per module pricing has been eliminated.
Customers pay only a per-user-per-month price for active users.

The new pricing will prompt users to utilise more functionality of Odoo, in essence obtaining more value from the software.

Spoiler-alert: The new pricing enables us at Simplify-ERP™ to offer our CommerceCore™ solution on an Odoo Enterprise base. More details on the CommerceCore™ website, and at simplify-erp.com.

Missing Goods – the Mobile App

The mobile app continues to be a deficit in Odoo.

The Appstore downloads barely support the regular gestures, like swipe to go back.

Overall, in my personal view, version 16 of Odoo has been one of the most potent releases since version 9, enabling Odoo to further accelerate its trajectory into global ERP markets.

Odoo Version 16 Highlights
Simplify-ERP™ – Software for a Circular Economy, Ashant Chalasani 19 October, 2022
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