Odoo on Private Cloud
We innovate for the Odoo partners ecosystem.

4 months ago, we began to containerize Odoo in production. We put it on containers and applied orchestration.

The results are great. It is state-of-the-art in Odoo infrastructure management.

      We are able to run Odoo with:
      • 100% uptime (not 99.x%)

      • multiple-redundant images on standby at minimum cost

      • Automated recovery from failure

      • 100% session persistence

      • 100% file-storage persistence

      Also, we are able to “package” Odoo images with a number of modules loaded into them. These images can be turned On and Off on the cloud, by a mouse-click, or even based on a “Request for Demo” from your website.

      We have 12 instances of our e-commerce vertical solution (loaded with ±15 custom modules).

      On the same cluster we run 35 instances of our vertical-solution for bicycle-shops in Germany – Velo.Core™.

      All instances run on a cluster of 5 machines (our little Odoo private-cloud). More “nodes” can be added within minutes each, as we need more compute or storage.

      Meanwhile, developers are integrated by CI/CD to deploy their fresh code using simple GIT commands. They can SSH to any image. And if they made a mistake, then can revert to the latest working image.

      From January, we will be working on a Web-UI, so that you can use this technology on our machines, on your machines or on public clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure).

      Using this infrastructure, you will save:

      • time

      • server administration costs

      • downtime

      • expensive developer time 

        .. and gain:

      • speed

      • uptime

      • customer satisfaction

      • developer satisfaction

      We are slowly reaching a point where we are able to run Odoo on scale. The cluster runs almost fully automated.

      The hardware cost of each instance is about 5$ per month right now, without data-payload. We believe that with resource optimizations at the software level, this can be reduced to 1$.

      Odoo on Private Cloud
      Nikola R. 15 September, 2021
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