Merchant Operating System Implementation Strategy for e-Commerce - Part two
The challenges and benefits of CommerceCore™ MOPS integration

                                                            The e-Commerce industry is growing rapidly and the need for high end, efficient business management platforms like the CommerceCore™ Merchant Operating System has never been greater. Over the last 15-20 years, a huge number of e-commerce ERP solutions have come on the market, theoretically capable of handling the majority of the company's problems. 

                                                            While these systems are complex and require much planning before implementation, they can be a vital part of your company's success. 

                                                            Merchant operating system (MOPS) is the most fully-featured business software, covering all of the company's needed set of modules.

                                                            Because of the economy's current severe price competition, it is impossible to compensate company costs resulting from its unadjusted business processes by increasing the value of the products sold. One of management's primary responsibilities is to minimize the company's internal expenses, mainly through the streamlining of business processes. As a result, one of the major objectives of management when addressing tasks to lower the company's expenses is to decide whether to install the Merchant Operating System. 

                                                            Here is an overview of how you should approach the Merchant Operating System Implementation Strategy in order to get the most out of it. 

                                                            Why do companies need MOPS

                                                            The adoption of a Merchant Operating System (MOPS) provides efficiency and is one of the top five benefits it may provide to a company.

                                                            The MOPS include numerous features that will make the business operating processes easier, and as a consequence, efficiency will automatically emerge. Manual entry will be reduced, if not eliminated, and therefore duplicate entry mistakes will be reduced. This will also allow the job process to be sped up and completed at a faster rate than usual.

                                                            The act of increasing the consistency of information has the potential to affect the efficiency of the company's operating process since it decreases the process's cycle time.

                                                            The improvements are the results of the Merchant Operating system's ability to standardize procedures across departments inside the company. With the aid of the MOPS, each department can now instantly reply to any requests.

                                                            The following example will help you better understand the Merchant operating System


                                                            Someone requested a product with unique specifications. If the company does not have a MOPS, they would meet to call every supplier to finish the parts required to build the product. However, for a company that has a Merchant Operating system, a few keystrokes on the computer may perform miracles.

                                                            The job that took days or weeks with the company’s previous process is done in minutes with the Merchant Operating system.

                                                            When does a company need a Merchant Operating System?

                                                            For many expanding businesses, the question is not if they will have a Merchant Operating system (MOPS), but when. As a company grows, so does the volume of data generated—and the number of data sources to monitor. Managing all of that information across numerous systems becomes expensive, time-consuming, and prone to errors.

                                                            Ask yourself these questions:

                                                            How accurate is your business data?

                                                            • Implementing the CommerceCore™ MOPS not only gives access to critical data, but it also enables a more efficient data collection and analysis process.

                                                            Are your business systems connected?

                                                            • Moving to the CommerceCore™ MOPS for the entire company can assist enhance internal procedures — having a shared platform encourages greater internal communication.

                                                            • Improved procedures and communication result in higher efficiency and improved corporate performance.

                                                            Is your company growing?

                                                            • As a company grows in size, it is simple to outgrow old procedures and technologies. Growing pains are a good problem to have, but they must be managed in order to continue on the path to future success. The comprehensive CommerceCore™ MOPS can help.

                                                            How satisfied are your customers?

                                                            • Internal disruptions, such as issues between manufacturing and sales, or the inability to access critical data, have an impact on the customer experience. The CommerceCore™ MOPS enables you to save time while still meeting consumer requirements.

                                                            Do you need to reduce costs?

                                                            CommerceCore™ MOPS enables you to be more cost-effective through gained efficiencies in these areas (and more):

                                                            • Faster financial close

                                                            • Improved inventory planning and accuracy

                                                            • Accurate forecasting

                                                            • Reduced purchasing spend

                                                            • Reduced freight spend.

                                                            Frequently with company growth comes the addition of new sales channels, increased competition and complexities such as the need for additional warehouse space. An increase of order volume combined with manual processes results in more room for human errors.
                                                            It is at this point in time that it is appropriate to begin searching for alternative software solutions.

                                                            Merchant Operating System Implementation for e-Commerce

                                                            What is Merchant Operating System integration?

                                                            Merchant Operating System (MOPS) integration is the process by which a company ensures that its MOPS communicates and works with the other applications and software systems it employs. Having effective MOPS integrations connects all data and functions that occur across all departments, resulting in increased visibility and connectivity for the whole company.

                                                            An integrated MOPS allows you to handle every element of your e-commerce business from a single application. This allows effortless data flow across the company. Integrating information and processes boosts efficiency and allows for more informed decision-making.

                                                            The MOPS provide different modules for each department and function of your e-commerce business. What separates integrated software from non-integrated software is that these modules are linked in a completely integrated solution. They automatically gather data from both internal and external sources and centralize it inside a unified database.

                                                            • Workflows are streamlined;

                                                            • Manual, redundant data input is removed;

                                                            • Accuracy is enhanced;

                                                            • Everyone has access to the data they require when they need it.

                                                            The Challenges and Benefits of CommerceCore™ MOPS integration for e-commerce

                                                            CommerceCore™ Merchant Operating System (MOPS) integration is extremely advantageous, but it is not without challenges.

                                                            Integrating CommerceCore™ MOPS with other e-commerce business systems might provide a few challenges. These issues are classed as pre-integration and post-integration challenges, and they must be addressed before acting.

                                                            It is critical that you keep these possible integration issues in mind while selecting and adopting the best solution for you.

                                                            The challenges:

                                                            Here are some potential stumbling obstacles to keep in mind before launching your solution:

                                                            Data migration

                                                            The security of data during and after the transfer process is the trickiest problem for the majority of e-commerce businesses. Moving and cleaning paper-based or digital data, and conforming it to the new format will all require time and money.

                                                            Another issue for bigger e-commerce companies in data migration is determining which sections of the data should be moved over and when. 

                                                            For most big businesses, using the CommerceCore™  MOPS is a good choice option. However, the inevitable problems of data transfer, data security, and total cost of ownership, including maintenance, must be taken into consideration.

                                                            Incorporating Customization

                                                            Native interfaces that come with your applications, such as e-commerce, CRM, and others, do not always meet all of your business requirements. Most programs offer a standard range of solutions, and their interfaces support a standard set of data inflow and outflow.

                                                            Businesses are changing, and many requirements are growing more complicated, necessitating customized solutions from MOPS software and matching specialized assistance from their API interfaces.

                                                            CommerceCore™ MOPS software can be customized to the company's specific requirements, and provide a custom interface. 

                                                            Maintaining the MOPS Integration

                                                            The integration of your systems is not the sole duty of a good MOPS Integration plan. As companies grow and goals and activities change, the data points with which operations take place may also change.

                                                            New databases may be added, or the specifications of data fields in current data points may change, necessitating updates to the integration as well. Otherwise, data transfers between the CommerceCore™ MOPS and other systems may fail, resulting in an integration failure.

                                                            Before connecting the systems, ensure that the APIs of the CommerceCore™ MOPS and other systems permit data transmission from/to one another. Standardizing data is a task that, if overcome, will work wonders and alleviate much of the stress associated with the MOPS integration.

                                                            Data security

                                                             MOPS can be a benefit or a problem when it comes to data security. On the one hand, all of your data is in one location where you can keep track of it. On the other side, all of your data is in one location where hackers may access it.

                                                            Additional security measures, such as multi-factor authentication or data masking, must be considered to make the CommerceCore™ MOPS integration secure.

                                                            Because both CommerceCore™ MOPS and your company demands are complicated, it is critical that all of the individuals you deploy for the Integration are experts in their fields.

                                                            The benefits of the CommerceCore™ MOPS Integration

                                                            Now that we have a basic understanding of MOPS integration and what exactly it does, we can go into more detail.

                                                            Let’s examine some of the key benefits associated with CommerceCore™ MOPS integration and how they could positively influence your company’s bottom line:

                                                            • Automated processes

                                                            • Real-time data

                                                            • Single source of information

                                                            • Regulatory compliance

                                                            • Supply chain optimization

                                                            • Faster return on investment

                                                            • Visual workflows

                                                            • Mobile access.

                                                            Now, let’s take a closer look at each one:

                                                            Automated processes: 

                                                            Inefficient manual operations, such as data entry by hand, updating various systems, conversions, and account reconciliation, are entirely automated, greatly boosting accuracy and productivity. When inventory runs low, integrated CommerceCore™ MOPS can automatically trigger cross-functional operations. Reordering or gathering safety information for manufacturing, distribution, and compliance reporting are examples.

                                                            Real-time data: 

                                                            With integrated CommerceCore™ MOPS, everything is updated in real time, from inventory counts to key performance indicators (KPIs) and financial data. Everyone who needs it will have access to the most up-to-date information from all locations. This will allow sales staff to fulfill more orders with the right customers, maintenance workers to perform needed repairs, and executives to see where the business stands at any time.

                                                            Single source of information: 

                                                            Centralizing all information in a single, interconnected database minimizes redundant data entry and manual searches while drastically lowering human error. Communication and information exchange are encouraged throughout the company, saving time, simplifying processes, and allowing for informed decision-making.

                                                            Regulatory compliance: 

                                                            The CommerceCore™ MOPS supports compliance management documentation and processes. It can help you adhere to different regulatory and reporting standards on the state, federal and global levels. 

                                                            Supply chain optimization: 

                                                            You can ensure that supply chains are running at full capacity by integrating inventory, manufacturing, distribution, and finance activities. You can reduce production and distribution expenses while increasing profits by managing inventory levels and properly anticipating demand.

                                                            Faster return on investment: 

                                                            You won't need to create custom connectors later on. This allows you to reach profitability sooner and get the benefits of the CommerceCore™ MOPS software straight away.

                                                            Visual workflows: 

                                                            Working from a centralized database allows you to view cross-functional operations across the company. This enables various executives, departments, and teams to know what projects others are working on, improving planning, scheduling, and forecasting.

                                                            Mobile access:

                                                            The true value of the integrated CommerceCore™ MOPS is its ability to get the right people the information they need at the right time. Choosing a system with mobile capabilities enables real-time inventory updates; more accurate order fulfillment; enhanced decision-making for company leaders; and up-to-the-minute data to empower sales teams. 


                                                            According to new data, MOPS integration initiatives nowadays are far more effective than in the past. Coupled with the fact that cloud MOPS choices on the market today are easier to implement, and keeping the benefits stated above in mind, there is a solid business case for the CommerceCore™ MOPS integration.

                                                            The CommerceCore™ demo can provide further insight into the operational capabilities of the Merchant Operating System and you can further understand how it will benefit your business. 
                                                            We offer one on one demo with our consultant to describe to you the various features and capabilities of the platform. Moreover, the demo can be pre-scheduled by contacting us.

                                                            In addition, we have created a YouTube video playlist explaining functional aspects of the CommerceCore MOPS platform in video format which will explain to you the various aspects of the operation of the platform.

                                                            Merchant Operating System (MOPS) refers to a type of software used by Shopify merchants to handle day-to-day online-business operations including warehouse management, multichannel product management, invoicing, payment tracking, order processing, and much more.

                                                            The Merchant Operating System also includes corporate performance management software to help with planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting.

                                                            The MOPS is built on the widely popular open-source ERP Odoo Enterprise Framework. 26000 apps/plugins/modules/extensions are available from an Integrated App Store.  We help our customers carefully pick and integrate apps based on their needs through our Professional Services.

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                                                            Merchant Operating System Implementation Strategy for e-Commerce - Part two
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