Master & Clone Products in Odoo E-Commerce

Simplify-ERP™’s Odoo Multichannel E-Commerce solution relies on a decentralized architecture, for ensuring complete digital commerce processes, including online sales, offline sales, purchases, warehouse and customer support.

In a multi-channel sales context, it is important to be able to manage product-data specific to sales channels. This is managed in Simplify’s Multichannel E-Commerce architecture using Master and Clone structures.

Odoo’s native product model serves as the Master. It is the main dataset used in all ERP documents and processes – such as Sales, Purchase and Warehouse. Product SKUs are maintained on Master-data.

For each channel that has been integrated into the Odoo Multichannel E-Commerce architecture, a “Clone” is created, allowing for channel-specific adaptations of product-data, for example description texts, meta-data, media-data, pricing, variants etc. etc.


Master & Clone Products in Odoo E-Commerce
Nikola R. 15 September, 2021
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