Managing your OdooHire Programmers
Capacity, Knowledge and Risk Management of OdooHire Outsourcing

OdooHire provides an excellent service to Odoo partners as well as end-user companies that need regular development services. While raw development skills are a necessary success factor, which Simplify-ERP™ strives to excel in, several other management optimisations help to reduce risk, increase productivity and maximise continuity. In this article we explain three critical factors which help you gain the maximum advantage of our OdooHire service.

Knowledge Management

If you are working on one single project with our OdooHire programmers, or doing multiple projects at the same time, try to capture all knowledge in written form about the overall project as well as individual features. Tools such as Notion are excellent for not only textual briefings, but also dragging-and-dropping in video screen recordings and audio recordings.

Task management systems, like our own Odoo Portal, can capture and contain a large amount of knowledge along with other the task  information such as developer, implementation time-period, deadlines, time-logging etc. 

Anticipate Fluctuation

It is a reality in business that the people  building, maintaining and using enterprise systems come and go. A key aspect of successful Knowledge Management is to document processes anticipating a regular fluctuation of experts and end users over the lifecycle of the operation of the ERP. 

Continuity Planning

Developers and business analyst that are currently working for your project will naturally seek other challenges in a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month foreseeable period. It would be prudent to anticipate such a change in teams proactively.


A great way to ensure continuity is to work with multiple developers at the same time. For example if you are planning to take on OdooHire 160 package, distribute the available time-contingent and the related tasks over at least two developers. This might at the beginning seem like an extra effort to manage two instead of one resource, but once the process is set, it allows just by way of redundancy a huge gain in the management of continuity of services.


Plan a significant amount of time at the beginning of the collaboration to ensure that a structured and efficient onboarding of your project is provided to the developer working for you.

Depending on the number and size of features required to be developed in your project, it is normal to plan anywhere between 4 hours (half a day) to 40 hours (a whole week, in the case large teams, complicated source-code management practices and complex business logic is involved).

Please also speak with your Simplify™ customer-success partner about the way our teams are structured in small and redundant units.

Do you have a requirement for Odoo programmers, or business analysts?

Talk to us and we are happy to design a suitable solution for your short, medium and long term Odoo’s expert needs.

Managing your OdooHire Programmers
Ashant Chalasani 10 June, 2022
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