Mail Loops in Odoo

Odoo offers powerful email integrations, such that you can centralise mail communication in business processes directly in Odoo, skipping the usual mail-clients like Gmail, Outlook, Applemail etc.

  • Mails to business partners can be sent from Odoo.

  • Mails can be received in Odoo.

  • Department mailboxes can be used to pool incoming mails for specific business functions.

  • All followers of process documents can receive copies of the communication, without being explicitly being cc-ed or bcc-ed.

Odoo Mail Loops

Sometimes, a circular mail loop can occur between the incoming IMAP server, SMTP server and Odoo's internal mail router. This article describes the phenomenon and gives you tips on how to resolve such loops.

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Mail Loops in Odoo
Nikola R. 15 September, 2021
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