Integrated email-marketing
Emails are one of the best ways to communicate with current and potential customers.

According to Statista, approximately 4 billion people worldwide use email, and this number increases rapidly. An estimated 306 billion emails are being sent every day worldwide, and about 99% of the customers check their email daily. Therefore, unless your email reaches the spam, It is very presumable to find new customers through email marketing.

Email marketing is essential for many reasons. It is highly versatile. You can create emails that promote your business, announce new deals or even remind your customers about an abandoned cart. You can target various groups and modify the content, respectively.

One of the main reasons this sort of marketing is vital to any business is that it is highly cost-effective. 

In Odoo, there are natively two modules that the merchant can use for email marketing, Marketing automation, and Email marketing. 

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can help you create goal-oriented automated marketing campaigns and workflows and efficiently design captivating email campaigns and email templates.

It allows you to closely track and measure your campaigns' success and rapidly obtain insights about the efficient and inefficient methods. 

The Marketing Automation Module in Odoo will help you get a better campaign management grip, with easy segmentation, advanced workflows, statistics, and visitors tracking. And, to make sure your campaign is on the right track, you can always test the campaign beforehand.

Your campaign can be released manually or based on triggers, such as time-based triggers or even email interactions. So, you can send specific emails at specific times or even SMS. 
Email Marketing

The email marketing module in Odoo allows you to design your email templates with just drag and drop quickly, or you can use an already created template and adjust it as you wish. You can also add a tracking code to the links within your emails and follow the statistics and performance on a dedicated link tracking dashboard. 

The Marketing automation and Email marketing module are fully integrated with the rest of the Odoo apps.
With the connector's help, you can bridge Odoo and Shopify and export your Shopify customers to Odoo. By doing so, you will avoid using external apps for email marketing on Shopify. Therefore, you will save up valuable time and money.

The first thing you have to do to use the marketing modules in Odoo is importing your customers from Shopify.

All you have to do is:

 1. Go to Sales Channels,
 2. Settings
 3. Choose the Customers tab
 4. And click Import Customers

The connector will import the customers with information about the sales channel from which they come and if they are subscribers to some of your newsletters.

Tip: You can see the customers in your Contacts module.

Additionally, you can create a mailing list in the Email marketing module and import the customers to the proper mailing list according to your preset intentions.

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Integrated email-marketing
Nikola R. 15 September, 2021
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