Change Management in Odoo Projects
A modern enterprise management software like Odoo introduces massive change. Foresee the change, manage it effectively and delight your users.

Odoo Implementation Methodology

  • On board users on time and in budget.

  • Deliver MVP as fast as possible.

Recommended Practices

  1. Manage user expectations.

  2. Ensure high user-adoption by high about of focused communication.

  3. Introduce a change-manager at the customer's side, if he can afford it. Alternatively, coach CEO on an ongoing basis to be the Agent of Change.

  4. Expect some user resistance. Receive it with empathy and help them overcome fears. Sometimes skeptical users have super valuable feedback (and ideas).

  5. Before making a user enthusiastic, you have to make them feel comfortable.

  6. After go-live, if there are gaps, bugs, overlooked items, react quickly.

  7. Adapt to the company culture of the customer – be flexible.

Thanks Catherine Vieslet for these inputs at Experience 2021.

Change Management in Odoo Projects
Simplify-ERP™ – Software for a Circular Economy, Ashant Chalasani 11 October, 2021
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