31% of ERP Systems are Deployed to Support Growth

As a bootstrapping e-Commerce company, you have probably used a number of disparate fragmented systems to support your operational processes. 

Working with fragmented systems, a lack of single source and container of business data and an inability to work with real time information leads to inefficient use of time and financial resources.

After a certain point, ERP systems start to be of enormous value to your growing organisation. Research shows that growth minded managers rate their decision to deploy an ERP system in their organisation for the following reasons.

  1. Growth support (31%), 

  2. Functionality improvement (20%), 

  3. Increase in efficiency (13%), 

  4. Separate systems consolidation and legacy software replacement (12%).

31% of ERP Systems are Deployed to Support Growth
Simplify-ERP™ – Software for a Circular Economy, Ashant Chalasani 2 August, 2022
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