Development and expansion of your eCommerce department

First of all - we are a consulting company and service provider for software development. It is, and it will be.

Nevertheless, we have acquired competence and would like to expand this competence further in the area of ​​eCommerce, purchasing and warehouse management. This is only a small part of a company - a part that can be outsourced in the short or medium term .

We take care of

  • Integration of suppliers - ordering

  • Import of products, texts and images

  • efficient processing in the warehouse from the arrival of the goods to the finished package

  • efficient accounting

  • Smart pricing without a price optimizer - because that only lowers the prices of all providers

  • Handover to tax advice or accounting processing.

Since we deliver a complete ERP system, we are the ideal contact for companies that want to grow strongly in the long term or in the short term and take this into account from the start.

Of course you can start with Excel, but you waste a lot of manpower and this again if you then have to switch to more extensive systems. At this moment the search begins and one is no better prepared for the decision - which software - than at the beginning. However, business is running and capacities are exhausted due to growth. There is also no staff to be found.

Those who start with us benefit from open source right from the start, learn together with other companies and thereby also save development costs. Not every idea has to be invented or developed individually by everyone.

We are of the opinion that there is enough space in the market so that no competitors have to exist in our system.

On a commission basis from earnings, not sales, we set up the eCommerce department as an independent company (company within the company or external) and then hand it over to your hands. We assume that this area does not currently exist or that it does not make a significant contribution to the company's success. There are certainly already many companies in your industry that are active in this area as competitors. The joint venture would be just another.

We offer many options, including running the company with a notarial trust agreement that identifies you as the owner to the tax office - to no one else. This is an attractive option, especially for wholesalers. For wholesalers, however, we also offer the option of offering your dealers a system that is currently unparalleled. Your dealers compete on price on the marketplaces Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten etc. However, only a few can win on price and in the end Amazon or Alibaba wins. As an IT company, however, we have a unique opportunity to control dealer prices, which you are not allowed to do.

Thanks to the ERP software Odoo and cost center management used, it is easy for those involved to see whether and where profit is being made.


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