What are the requirements for the underlying hardware for the customer machines?
            Can it be run on a dedicated machine or does it always need to be Google Cloud, Amazon, etc.

            At the moment SPYN runs on its own native cluster. It’s scalable to 100K+ Odoo instances. In future public-clouds like AWS, GCP and Azure will be enabled.

                -SPYN provides the full infrastructure. So it’s users don’t have to worry about hardware,            network, security etc.
                -Customer’s ERPs, databases, code are all running on SPYN’s native-cluster in Germany,          which is completely managed by SPYN-engineers.
                -We are, and will continue to be, doing our best to provide all the tools, including web-UI, a        mobile-app and a CLI-client, necessary to allow customers to manage their instances.
                -Customers get SSH access to their instances.
                -Rest-API allows for automations (like taking backups).

            How do you do migrations between versions?