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At Simplify-ERP® we have abundant technical expertise in building solutions with Odoo. We are one of the best Odoo teams in Europe. That makes us an excellent partner for the innovation, implementation and maintenance of your solutions.

We provide resources, share our experience, solve problems and help you to release great software solutions.
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After doing dozens of odoo projects, and showing demos of our Odoo solutions to many sales prospects, we realised that it is inefficiently time-consuming to install all necessary modules and configurations each time.

Salespeople had to chase developers to provide a demo, often with special features they want to impress a prospect with. That’s why we invented SPYN.

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SPYN deploys complete Odoo solutions, not just plain vanilla out-of-the-box Odoo, but ones loaded with modules and module-level configs, at the press of a button.

It follows a snapshot file, pulls code from GIT repos,

→ configures base-odoo

→ configures standard modules, and finally,

→ configures custom modules (your value add)

.. and deploys a ready-to-use Odoo based business-solution on a target machine.

This way, we save time for developers, so they can dive one-two-go into developing new features. Business Analysts and consultants can focus on doing confident demos.

With SPYN, we enable automation of Odoo deployments and standardization of every next installation.

Test it out. Your first 5 deployments are free!

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Continuous Integration  – CI/CD

Digital transformation demands automation of processes and implementing methods of self-service that support governance and empower innovation.

Through CI/CD we enable you to create, validate and deploy Odoo based digital transformations in new ways that simplify and automate your deployment workflows in a reproducible fashion.

You can now create on-demand, self-service configurations that cut effort costs, optimize your processes, and enable you to easily catch up with future technological developments.

Are you ready to dedicate developers to maintain your Odoo based Vertical Solution?

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