E-Commerce sales - 6 easy tactics to boost your sales strategy
Six out-of-the-box uses of CommerceCore sales module

Getting an e-commerce store up and running is only the first step of launching a successful business online — now you need to establish sustainable strategies to increase e-commerce sales.

In this changing world, it’s important for companies to be able to effectively manage their resources. They have a responsibility and an opportunity in making sure that information flows are efficient as well as accessible so all stakeholders can stay connected with customers while also maintaining cash flow.

In recent times there has been an extreme shift from everything around us - both good and bad- which forced every business into finding new ways they could keep themselves afloat during such turbulence. However now more than ever before (especially given how quickly things change) businesses need access not only to what is happening globally but within each individual part of company operations too.

The CommerceCore™ sales app is a powerful tool that can be used to increase the efficiency of your e-commerce sales strategies. There are many different ways you can use it, and in this article, we will look at six ways to boost your e-commerce sales with minimal effort. Whether you are looking to improve customer service or generate more revenue for your company, these tips will help!

CommerceCore - the best Merchant Operating system for Shopify users

CommerceCore™ is a Business Management Software that can meet the needs of any company with its open-source nature, affordability, and scalability. 

CommerceCore™ open-source nature makes it very customizable, allowing businesses to make CommerceCore™ Merchant Operating System meet their needs. This can be through developing additional functionality or even integrating CommerceCore™ into other systems like accounting (such as Xero), CRM (like Salesforce), and more.

CommerceCore™ is a great choice for Shopify users looking to boost their e-commerce sales, move from traditional software systems, need an affordable solution, or want the ability to customize it. It's also ideal for growing companies who may not have been big enough to require expensive enterprise solutions in the past but now find that their needs are increasing at a rapid pace.

CommerceCore™ is also scalable which means that it can be easily integrated into your existing business processes and will continue to meet the changing nature of your company as you grow. This allows businesses to spend less time on managing their software solution and more time focusing on growing their own business with CommerceCore™ help.

CommerceCore™ sales module

The Sales application in CommerceCore™ lets Sales teams create quotations and share them with customers directly which in turn grants customers access to relevant information about their purchases and keep in contact with the Sales team: all interactions in just one place.

The Sales application is designed to seamlessly integrate with other CommerceCore™ apps which means that the data shared in each app can be accessed by all users at any time. This allows for a more unified experience across your business and makes it easier for teams to work together on sales activities, no matter what area of the company they are working out of.

Customers can view online quotations or a comprehensive comparison of different quotations in CommerceCore™. This activity occurs immediately after a customer submits an RFQ: no information is lost since CommerceCore™ tracks and stores all required data throughout the sales process. The aggregated client data will assist the salesperson in providing the best quotation(s) that meet the generated profile and his expectations.

e-Commerce sales - 6 easy tactics to boost your sales strategy

As your business grows you can adopt and integrate more CommerceCore™ applications to help you with the sales process, e.g., a website or point of sale module. You may even connect external businesses such as Amazon into this system! Let’s find out how using the CommerceCore™ Sales Module will improve your strategies today.


In CommerceCore™ sales module, you can define and configure your company's pricing strategy by creating a list of prices or pricing rules. You may set the price rule based on time (for example, end-of-season sale), quantity purchased (e.g., buy 3 get 10% off), consumer groups, and a variety of other factors.

The CommerceCore™ sales module supports complex pricing strategies, has the ability to track discounts (e.g., coupons), and can even calculate price differences between two periods of time.

CommerceCore™ also calculates tax rates based on where your business is located so you have all the information at hand when working with customers or suppliers in different countries! This also ensures that you are always abiding by local regulations and laws.

CommerceCore™ offers three ways to implement pricing strategies for all purposes:

  • Discounts: This option allows you to apply discounts directly to your customers’ orders (either RFQ or SO), as you please.

  • Pricelists: This feature enables several pricing options per product according to Customer Segmentation, Seasonal Pricing, Prices per minimum quantity, Prices per country, etc. 

  • Coupons: Share with your customer's coupon codes that can be applied directly to their purchases.

The benefits of pricing in the CommerceCore™ sales module

The Sales application in CommerceCore™ lets you create, share and track quotations to increase sales opportunities. This provides companies with the ability to understand their impact on different groups of customers while gaining insight into what is selling well across your business. The data can be used by teams throughout your organization for better decision making which ultimately leads to increased revenue!


Increasing sales volume is every company's commercial aim, and it remains a top priority at a challenging moment like the Covid-19 outbreak. This is why CommerceCore™ includes a capability for upselling things that a buyer may not realize he requires throughout a sales process, such as related products or accessories to the main product the customer is looking at. Configuring this option not only helps you to increase your e-commerce sales but also allows the consumer to have access to unique discounts or prizes that he was previously unaware of, making the upsell a win-win scenario.

The sales application allows you to configure some upsells that are automatically displayed at the end of an online quotation or offer. This makes it easier for clients to select their desired products since they can choose between product combination options without needing to leave the screen and go back again later on another device.

Upselling is also possible in a few other CommerceCore™ sales app uses, such as when quoting a product or adding it to order. You can configure your upsell strategy for many products in just one click.

The main benefits of using the upsell feature of the CommerceCore™ sales module:

  • Increase sales volume

  • Add more products to the cart without losing customers’ attention.

  • Generate unique discounts or prizes that are not available anywhere else.

  • Display upsells automatically at specific points in a sales process, e.g., online quotations and offers for new items.

Team management

As a company expands, the priority of increasing human resource productivity becomes increasingly important. For this reason, CommerceCore™ allows your organization to build and manage as many sales teams as needed, set goals for each team, and measure their success.

Because no sales team is the same, creating an invoicing aim will assist inspire your sales teams to work together and achieve that target once you've established the members and a team leader. Having the same aim allows the team to form strong bonds with one another.

It's crucial for managers to keep track of their sales team members' performance and activities. By understanding the overall level of productivity, you can set up a strategy that will enable your business to achieve its goals efficiently!

A well-organized sales department is what makes it possible for businesses in today’s world to compete successfully with any other business. Sales management is all about understanding and interpreting the numbers to make good business decisions because every action has a reaction!

The main benefits of using the team management feature of the CommerceCore™ sales module

The sales module enables you, managers, with easy access to everything they need in order for their team members’ performance to be optimized:

  • Create and manage as many sales teams as needed.

  • Set individual performance goals for each team member.

  • Track the success of your Sales department through easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and reports.

  • Manage all important tasks in one place! You can save valuable time by eliminating manual work done previously on spreadsheets or whiteboards.

  • Easily access the sales team leader's performance and track how well they're working together to achieve a common goal.

  • Monitor your Sales teams’ activities, such as the number of calls made or products sold per day/week/month.

  • Managers are able to understand their teams’ needs and provide the necessary training.

Effective team management is crucial for increasing e-commerce sales volume, boosting productivity within your Sales department, and getting new clients on board! By following these simple steps you can increase sales with CommerceCore™.

Multi-currency option / Reaching international markets

Using the Multi-currency option in CommerceCore™ allows you to create any e-commerce sales document in different currencies, so reaching international markets will be as easy as doing business with your best clients. One of the biggest benefits of having this feature is to help you expand your market and reach new targets. Receiving orders from international clients will become a much easier task after applying Multi-currency management options!

The main benefits of using the multi-currency feature of the CommerceCore™ sales module:

  • You can create and manage as many currency rates as needed.

  • Set individual foreign currency quotas for each Sales team member.

  • Create different currencies in the organization’s profile, such as USD or EURO.

  • Distribute quotes and orders with a unique exchange rate that will be automatically applied to the final price.

  • Reach international markets and expand your market by offering different currencies.

You can make a great first impression on new clients by making them feel special from day one, especially when you’re able to provide them with everything they need in a language that they understand best.

User's portal

CommerceCore™ also presents customers the option to manage relevant information from a users’ portal. Sharing certain information with your customers gives them the possibility to read and view information related to their orders and stay updated so your team can focus on the other activities without failing to keep customers informed.

The main benefits of using the user's portal of the CommerceCore™ sales module:

  • Customers will be able to check their order status, track shipments and get in touch easily.

  • Accessing relevant information is guaranteed through a single sign-on (SSO) method with one or more SSO providers like Google Apps or Facebook that can also provide an option to use a mobile application.

  • Odoo users will be able to log into the portal by using their email address and password or log in with an SSO provider through one account per user.

  • Users can also view the saved information they want without being signed in! 

Whether you’re running a small business with only one location or operating at a larger scale, your customers will appreciate the fact that you’re willing to share information with them!

Understanding industry trends and customer needs are crucial for any business. Analyzing this kind of data allows companies to make smarter decisions in order to meet their goals more efficiently. CommerceCore™ serves as a powerful platform that helps businesses by giving them a complete overview of all their sales and customer data. In the end, this will help companies to understand what’s going on with their business more easily!

Reach international markets and increase your e-commerce sales by following these simple steps! By using CommerceCore™ you can reach new clients from different countries easier than ever before while also providing customers with information that is relevant to their orders.

e-Commerce sales report with CommerceCore™

With CommerceCore™, you don’t have to worry when it comes to preparing reports, every data in the system is analyzed and reporting takes a blink of an eye. In just a couple of minutes, you can create, compare and analyze useful and targeted information that will help you make the best decisions and take the next steps for your company. 

You can easily create, edit and delete existing reports in the system.

CommerceCore™ allows you to choose from a list of pre-created report templates that fit perfectly for your business needs. Also, there are different types of charts such as Columns or Pie charts where users get more options on how to present their data.

The information you will obtain about the company’s operations is presented, by default, like a dashboard, which can be changed with just a pair of clicks into a pivot table or a graph. You only have to choose the visualization you prefer and CommerceCore™ will do the hard work for you.

CommerceCore™ also allows you to export all kinds of information into a spreadsheet or document format for easier analysis on different platforms such as Microsoft Excel or Google Docs.   


If you’ve been looking for a way to streamline your e-commerce sales processes and make them more efficient, CommerceCore™ might be the solution.

The Sales application in CommerceCore™ lets Sales teams create quotations and share them with customers directly which in turn grants customers access to relevant information about their purchases and keep in contact with the Sales team: all interactions in just one place. With this app, businesses can take their e-commerce sales operations to new heights by automating part of their process or managing resources better than ever before.

To learn more about how CommerceCore™  could help you scale your business up without expending too much effort, schedule a demo or chat with us using this Contact Form today!

Merchant Operating System (MOPS) refers to a type of software used by Shopify merchants to handle day-to-day online-business operations including warehouse management, multichannel product management, invoicing, payment tracking, order processing, and much more.

The Merchant Operating System also includes corporate performance management software to help with planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting.

The MOPS is built on the widely popular open-source ERP Odoo Enterprise Framework. 26000 apps/plugins/modules/extensions are available from an Integrated App Store.  We help our customers carefully pick and integrate apps based on their needs through our Professional Services.

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E-Commerce sales - 6 easy tactics to boost your sales strategy
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