Odoo v13 for an online jewellery shop

                            About the client


                            Our client has a unique take on jewellery – to allow the consumer to design their own jewellery, make their ideas and wishes come to life and turn special occasions magical, while using strictly recycled products and thus reducing the carbon footprint.

                            Apart from having finished products to choose from, they also provide customers with a kit to mould their own idea for their jewelry.

                            By doing so, they help make each moment extraordinary, from one special life event to the next, by focusing on the individuality in others, hence creating a more diverse, colourful, eco world. 

                            Motivation for collaboration

                            Their previous business process included information collecting, confirmation messages and instruction lists, as well as consecutive shipment actualizations. With that came additional expenses, which is undoubtedly an excessive mile for something that could have had a simpler solution.

                            The idea was to migrate to a comprehensive system that automatically takes care of the strenuous details of order processing.

                            They were in an immediate need of an automated system that is a single source of every information about their clients and orders.

                            Because their shop’s frontend is on Shopify, they needed a Odoo Connector update to version 13. 

                            • 2000 products with 13000 variants

                            • Worldwide shipping

                            • Currency differences

                            • Multiple shipments per customer

                            Business challenge


                            This company has already had the chance to benefit from an Odoo system in the past.

                            The problem with their previous system was that it was a severely flawed, obsolete version of Odoo done by a different company, which included extremely redundant code, derivative of the current system.

                            They have previously worked with version 8 of Odoo, with a lot of personalized modules for their company, a lot of which are default modules in the latest versions of it.

                            • v8 to v13 Odoo  - version update

                            •  Python 2.7 to Python 3.7 - programming language shift

                            • Migration of data - customers, orders and products

                            Business solution


                            All the information like customers and order details from the Shopify shop, are channeled through the Shopify Connector to the Odoo system, where the processing is being done automatically, with one or two supervisors to get it started at the very beginning.

                            Assigned managers can choose time intervals in which the orders are being processed through the life cycle.

                            Apart from the possibility of downloading orders and customers from Shopify, the Connector includes proceedings of data such as nightly overall product data update, and also several times during the day stock and prices information are updated.

                            Though, there is still the option for each order to be processed manually, if there is a specific need for that. 

                            • Automation and maintenance 

                            • Latest version - v13 Odoo implementation

                            • SCRUM methodologies - Agile approach to software development with a goal to release versions as early and as often as possible

                            • Shopify-Odoo Connector - ensures lucid data transfer from a Shopify shop, which is the frontend displayed to customers, to their Odoo ERP system.

                            • Automatic data update set on time intervals - a single, credible source of information

                            • Currency calculator -  the Odoo system keeps track of the latest rates of the respective currencies in real time, so the calculations are consistently up to date. 


                            Team size and implementation period


                            The ERP Enterprise system is going to be used by 18-19 employees. There are three developers actively working on the software, with additional help from others when needed. So far, we have worked on their migration for about a year. 

                            • Model: OdooHire

                            • Team size: 3 developers

                            • Implementation period: One year and ongoing

                            Value delivered


                            We have managed to successfully deliver a comprehensive system that enhances productivity and efficiency and allows the company to function in a more harmonic environment with a fast-paced, optimal workflow.

                            The cooperation is ongoing and we are going to be available for the personalizations and modules they might need in the future.

                            • History of order processing - comprehensive view of current and past orders

                            • Automated order processing - multiple shipments per customer

                            • Efficient time management - cutting down on hours spent on processing. 

                            Odoo v13 for an online jewellery shop
                            Nikola R. 15 September, 2021
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