Merchant Operating System Implementation Strategy for e-Commerce - Part one
The objectives and types of the Merchant Operating System integration

As your e-Commerce business grows with each step, you need to look into a more holistic approach that ensures better transparency and overview of your business operations, with real-time synchronization of data.

Is it possible to effectively combine a Merchant Operating System and e-Commerce? Do you need a strategy in order to integrate the Merchant Operating System with e-Commerce and successfully operate the business?

These are the answers to the questions we'll be looking for today.

Introduction to Merchant Operating System

Like computer Operating Systems ( Windows, Macintosh, Android and iOS), the Merchant Operating System, or MOPS, is a software system that is widely used to improve the operational efficiency of company resources. It comes with a suite of software modules that help business owners reach their objectives more quickly, and allows you to implement more for your specific needs.

Inventory control, improved customer relationship management, and order monitoring, shipping, warehouse/inventory-management, invoicing/refunds and accounting are some of the many advantages of implementing a Merchant Operating System.

What is CommerceCore™ Merchant Operating System

Some e-Commerce businesses used to have numerous systems for Finance, Purchasing, Inventory, maintenance operations, production and manufacturing, sales and distribution, projects, and so on.
Many of them have successfully replaced all of those old systems with a single integrated Merchant Operating System that manages the operations more effectively.

The CommerceCore™(CC) Merchant Operating System offers a single out-of-the-box solution by linking Odoo to a growing number of online store systems and marketplaces.
It avoids data duplication and offers data integrity with a single source of truth by gathering the company's transactional data from several sources.

The objectives of CommerceCore™ MOPS

The primary goal of the CommerceCore™ Merchant Operating System (MOPS) is to replace several outdated stand-alone legacy systems with a single integrated system. A system that provides updated and better functionality.


If a purchase order is generated in production, maintenance, or a project, it is automatically reflected in the costing. The cost controller immediately knows the values of the new purchase orders, stock and inventories are updated accordingly. Accountants, maintenance, and production planners can also monitor all the related details, such as vendor contract details, invoices, payments, stock levels, and so on.

Enhance Competitiveness

E-commerce companies that use CommerceCore™ MOPS may link and monitor all company aspects. They include planning cycle reduction, on-time product delivery, automated purchase order creation, and etc.

It directly implies that companies with the ability to provide superior items to markets faster get a competitive advantage. Businesses that can predict demand and are also part of solid supply chains have a significant advantage over those that cannot.

Accurate Order Shipping and Delivery

 CommerceCore™ MOPS gives companies the automation and integration solutions they need.

Elevating the Point of Sale (POS)

CommerceCore™ MOPS can allow Point of Sale (POS) solutions that include: 

  • Processing sales and service orders quickly and efficiently

  • Speeding up check-out

  • Access to inventory data needed to close transactions

  • An intuitive interface that allows for personalized customer service

  • Real-time updates for the entire organization

  • Integration among e-commerce, brick & mortar, kiosk, and mobile venues.

Distribution Management Software

  • Coordinate customer deliveries

  • Plan optimized service delivery.

Availability of Reliable Inventory Information

  • Create daily inventory workflows

  • Publish accurate inventory distribution documentation

  • Organize the merchandise areas and more.

Increase Return On Investment (ROI)

Controlling and managing companies has also been proven to be successful in different locations. CommerceCore™ MOPS is now a key tool package used by many multinational businesses to achieve their long-term objectives.

Another critical fundamental goal of the CommerceCore™ MOPS is ROI, or return on investment. Professionals will make extra profit by utilizing existing resources if the Merchant Operating System software is properly implemented.

Increase operating efficiency - Strengthened Supply and Demand

Order fulfillment is a complex process. Goods must be delivered precisely, on schedule, undamaged, and with proper documentation.

The CommerceCore™ MOPS assists companies with order fulfillment. The system connects fulfillment management teams to sales order management personnel.

CommerceCore™ MOPS users can:

  • Assign priority scores for existing customers

  • Create service-level rules

  • Allocate supply locations

  • Designate inventory to customer sales orders

The system will then specify settings for individual customers or groups of customers. Depending on the preferences set, the system can potentially automate fulfillment.

Provide Access to Standardized real- time Data

The most crucial fundamental goal of the CommerceCore™ MOPS is to collect real-time information about numerous company initiatives. furthermore, it aids in better resource planning and management based on your company's demands.
The most significant advantages of utilizing the CommerceCore™ MOPS include enhanced workflow, upgrades to necessary software modules, and increased efficiency.

Customer Service Improvement with Streamlined Backend Processes

Once you add the CommerceCore™ MOPS, your company can:


Improve productivity


Implement inventory control


Foster quality customer communication


Automate current processes

User Experience Improvement

CommerceCore™ MOPS provides superior service because it gathers:

  • Customer history

  • Customer prioritization - trends

  • A holistic view of each customer

  • Discounts for long-term customers.

This data enables more efficient shipping operations as well as more accurate tracking and shipment information.

Access to Needed Information

When information needs distribution among internal teams, the CommerceCore™ MOPS users can:

  • Utilize vendor scorecards

  • Receive real-time, easy-to-use information for non-IT users

  • Integrate between warehouse and front office.

Merchant Operating System Implementation Strategy for E-Commerce

CommerceCore™ MOPS Implementation Strategy

CommerceCore™ is a cutting-edge Merchant Operating System that is reaching its peak in terms of usefulness across a wide range of industries. As technology advances, it provides up-to-date operational capabilities to company management.

CommerceCore™ MOPS is both dependable and efficient in its functioning. Customizability is a fundamental feature that allows the CommerceCore™ MOPS to be customized for usage in any industry. Furthermore, because of the platform's scalability and versatility, CommerceCore™ MOPS may be used in any type of business activity.

Furthermore, the integration capability of the CommerceCore™ MOPS enables users to set up third-party devices, apps, and services to run alongside the platform.

Which industries need CommerceCore™ MOPS

CommerceCore™ is widely used as a Merchant Operating System in a variety of industries across the world. Manufacturing, food processing, automobiles, agriculture and farming, telecommunications, healthcare, are some examples.

Because it can be adjusted to its operating characteristics, CommerceCore™ is regarded as an ideal Merchant Operating System for service-based companies.
CommerceCore™ is an expanding Merchant Operating System with regular upgrades and new add-ons developed for application-specific needs.

Localization is a significant feature of CommerceCore™, allowing users to tailor the platform in accordance with governing body requirements as well as corporate operations.

Types of MOPS integrations


By improving communication, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions improve a company's customer service and happiness. By offering customer insights, companies get a competitive advantage over other enterprises in their sector. This data enables management to tailor the customer's experience and enhance levels of satisfaction.
While a company may already have a CRM solution in place, it may be enhanced further with MOPS connection. CRM integration links consumer demand indicators to supplier solutions, therefore simplifying marketing and sales operations.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) software collects and analyzes internal data to provide actionable insights to management. This allows them to develop a strategy to enhance internal processes. BI frequently identifies possibilities in many processes to incorporate new software or components to improve functionality. These insights become readily available to project managers and verified users by combining BI with the CommerceCore™ MOPS.

Human Resources

Human resources (HR) must have a seamless workflow because it is one of the most comprehensive areas in a company. Because of its capacity to store and exchange information, an HR system with MOPS integration can efficiently handle personnel management tasks. Onboarding, training, and documentation are some examples.

Project Management

Merchant Operating Systems provide project management tools that enable organizations to employ bespoke integration to collaborate data from several sources for specific projects. Projects ranging from finance through production may be conducted utilizing a single database. This allows managers to quickly monitor team progress to ensure deadlines are met. This functionality can help you save time, effort, and money while managing business projects.


Merchant Operating System integration connects e-commerce sites with in-store systems to track all incoming orders for companies with established online storefronts. These solutions may then be linked to inventory management software to keep track of stock levels and guarantee that all orders are completed. This avoids stock outs and back orders, which can result in needless inventory expenditures such as accelerated delivery charges and sales loss.


Implementing CommerceCore™ MOPS in your company might be one of the wisest decisions you ever make. Although it will take some time and careful preparation, your efforts will be rewarded in the long run if you make the migration to the new system as seamless as possible.

So, use this as a guide. You will not only improve decision-making, productivity, efficiency, collaboration, and communication within your company, effectively coordinating your business activities, and enhancing the performance of your workforce, but you will also significantly improve customer service and provide your business with numerous opportunities for growth.

Test it in action

The CommerceCore demo can provide further insight into the operational capabilities of the Merchant Operating System and you can further understand how it will benefit your business. 

We offer one on one demo with our consultant to describe to you the various features and capabilities of the platform. Moreover, the demo can be pre-scheduled by contacting us.
In addition, we have created a YouTube video playlist explaining functional aspects of the CommerceCore MOPS platform in video format which will explain to you the various aspects of the operation of the platform.

Merchant Operating System (MOPS) refers to a type of software used by Shopify merchants to handle day-to-day online-business operations including warehouse management, multichannel product management, invoicing, payment tracking, order processing, and much more.

The Merchant Operating System also includes corporate performance management software to help with planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting.

The MOPS is built on the widely popular open-source ERP Odoo Enterprise Framework. 26000 apps/plugins/modules/extensions are available from an Integrated App Store.  We help our customers carefully pick and integrate apps based on their needs through our Professional Services.

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Merchant Operating System Implementation Strategy for e-Commerce - Part one
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