Shopify merchant operations

We provide integrated backend solutions for Shopify merchants

Odoo as ERP back office for Shopify merchants

If you are a successful Shopify merchant, you need tools & technology to enable efficient business processes. With our Odoo Shopify Connector, we help you integrate your existing Shopify store with Odoo and ensure a live data transfer between the frontend (Shopify) and the backend (Odoo).
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Order processing

  • Automatic import of Shopify orders (time-controlled) 

  • Assignment of tax rates between Shopify and Odoo


  • Invoicing

  • Reminders

  • Communication log on every single customer invoice

  • (Optional) automatic creation of an invoice when importing a Shopify order

Warehouse and merchandise management

  • Automatic creation of delivery notes

  • Dispatch from own warehouse or from an external warehouse 

  • Support for multiple warehouse locations

Customer Care & CR

  • Overview of all customers who have purchased a specific product

  • Customer master data maintenance and export to Shopify at the push of a button.

Product roadmap

The following features are under development and will be available soon

  •, for a Dutch e-commerce merchant

  • SendCloud, for shipping within German

Importing Products from Shopify to Odoo

Integration eliminates excessive data management with software that automates and organizes the process, allowing you to invest your time into more meaningful actions. aaaaaaaaaaa

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Importing orders from Shopify to Odoo

Twenty-four hours of e-commerce causes bottlenecks overnight, which the connector avoids by automatically accumulating orders immediately after their arrival throughout the whole day.


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How to Synchronise stock - Odoo & Shopify

Automated inventory management in real-time saves crucial resources by giving you the ability to synchronize inventory status and enable multichannel management, all on the same platform.

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